Aanval’s Advanced, Scheduled, and Emailed Reports

Advanced Reporting

Aanval provides both on-demand and scheduled reports. They are available to view in a number of formats, including PDF, HTML, and XML, and can be emailed in PDF and Text formats.


Creating a Report

Users can generate a report from any search results. Users can also use the My Reports menu to create custom and scheduled reports and filter by sensor, risk level, and more.

Within the String / Text box, users can enter any of the keywords used by the Advanced Search tool to make their searches and reports extremely detailed, for example by returning all events from “lastweek:” Keywords can be combined as well and used alongside other factors already provided in drop-down boxes like Risk Level, and Source and Destination IP/Port.


Scheduled Reports

Users can create any number of scheduled reports and have them emailed to any number of addresses (comma separated).

Report Details

Aanval reports display exactly what the user searched or queried and when, and then proceeds to detail in an easy-to-read format and  with graphs all event values like Source and Destination IPs, Ports, sensors affected, where the events are stored, and more.

Learn More and Take Aanval for a Spin

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New Aanval Features: Syslog Mirroring and Email Reports

New to Aanval SAS in build 70153 are two new features: Syslog Mirroring and Email Reports

Syslog Mirroring
This feature allows the Aanval console to easily and automatically output a stream of Aanval-imported events as user-defined UDP packets to a specific device and port, allowing users to monitor Aanval activity and/or duplicate or store Aanval log data.

Getting Started
Enabling this feature is as simple as detailing where the packets go and what event details are to be sent. Visit our Support wiki for complete and simple instructions: Syslog Mirroring

Email Reports
Aanval has a powerful reporting feature, allowing users to easily and quickly create extremely detailed reports. Reports are viewable in HTML, XML, and Text formats. Those reports can now be emailed in Text format directly from the console Reporting feature.

Getting Started
Visit our Support wiki for complete and simple instructions to first create reports and get them sent: Reports

Don’t have these features yet?
Aanval SAS commercial packages provide users with console maintenance, so they’ll always have the latest build and features. Aanval alerts users of new versions with User Messages that show at the top of the console event feed. Click the information icon to be directed to the Update page, or navigate your console to Console Configuration > Console > Version Management > Update. Once downloaded and installed, accept the EULA and begin enjoying and benefitting from these features, and watch for more to come.

So what else is new?
Read our Release Notes to know the details of each new build. Sign up for our newsletter at Aanval.com to keep apprised of all our upcoming developments and promotions.