Aanval v7 Upgrades: That was easy!

Aanval v7 upgrades are easy and performed right inside the console. 

Console messages are displayed when updates are available and provide a direct link to the Version Management page. You can also navigate from the Console Configuration menu.

If you’re experiencing an issue with the current version, from that same Version Management menu, clicking Force Update will download and install the current version. 

Once a new version is downloaded, you’ll be shown the EULA and following its acceptance be guided through a brief re-installation which consists of version and module checking, ensuring the new version is good to go. 

The last prompt of an upgrade is to Stop and Start the BPUs (Background Processing Units). We strongly recommend performing this step. Updates to the console may contain changes or advancements to the BPUs, and failure to restart them when prompted may cause issues with the console’s operability and require further steps that may include manually downloading and installing the console again.

Check the following website to see details of a console upgrade: https://www.aanval.com/download/notes