Aanval SAS FAQ

In the past few weeks, we’ve had people ask specific questions about our new trial offerings and the types of commercial licenses available. We decided to write a blog to answer those questions.

#1. What is the difference between a 30-day trial and 30-day unlimited trial?
#2. Free vs commercial? What does an annual subscription provide?
#3. What are the types of Aanval SAS licenses offered? How can I determine the right license package for my environment?

Aanval is available to download and evaluate for free. Without a commercial license, Aanval operates in a free single-sensor mode, allowing 1 Snort or 1 Suricata and 1 syslog device. Your download automatically includes most of the features in our latest release, Aanval SAS (Situational Awareness System), for 30 days and allows you to process up to 1 million events. After 30 days, you can purchase an annual commercial license and take advantage of all the powerful and automated features designed to provide organizations complete end-to-end network visibility and situational awareness. You also have the option to convert to an unlimited 30-day trial license. We’ve re-introduced trial licenses for organizations who need to test Aanval in their environments without limitations on sensor capacity or event processing. Installation assistance and full support will also be available during your trial period.

All versions of Aanval are available as a downloadable solution that can be installed on existing hardware and requires only a current variant of Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X.

Visit our Download Page https://www.aanval.com/download and get your 30-day trial or 30-day unlimited trial.

What does the Aanval SAS annual subscription offer you?

» An annual unlimited sensor-capacity license for Snort and/or Suricata, and Syslog
» Telephone and remote support
» Console maintenance: bug fixes, minor and major upgrades
» An enterprise-grade SIEM and IDS solution at a fraction of the cost of other providers

Aanval SAS annual package includes the following features and tools:

» Situational Awareness™
» Offensive Reconnaissance™ and Rogue Host Detection
» Network Host Scanning
» False Positive Protection
» Live GeoLocation Display
» Event Correlation
» Billions of Events
» Event Tagging, Syslog Mirroring, and More

Aanval is designed to specifically scale from small single-sensor installations to global enterprise deployments. Aanval’s primary functions are to correlate data from multiple sources, bring together billions of events, and present users with a holistic view of false positive free, network security situational awareness.

We offer three types of annual subscriptions:

Aanval SMB

Our most cost efficient solution, designed specifically for the small business market, Aanval SMB includes every base feature of Aanval SAS as well as a few select SAS-only options like our powerful Situational Awareness engine, Rogue Host Detection, and the ever critical False Positive Protection module.

View Aanval SMB Details: https://www.aanval.com/aanval

Aanval SAS

Our completely unlimited middle market offering, Aanval SAS (Situational Awareness System), developed and focused specifically for organizations up to 250 hosts in size. Aanval SAS includes all basic and advanced SAS features like Offensive Reconnaissance and Network Host Scanning.

View Aanval SAS Details: https://www.aanval.com/aanval

Aanval SAS Enterprise

Aanval SAS Enterprise scales beautifully to organizations of all sizes. Designed with large-scale network infrastructures in mind, SAS Enterprise provides superior functionality for networks that exceed 250 hosts and support services are readily available 24/7.

View Aanval Enterprise Details: https://www.aanval.com/aanval

Need assistance determining the right license package for your environment? Contact our Sales Dept. at 800-921-2584 or email sales.group @ tacticalflex.com

We invite you to also explore our Product License Comparison at https://www.aanval.com/aanval

View pricing or purchase Aanval products and services securely online https://www.aanval.com/purchase

Protect Your SMB Business with Aanval IDS

“SMBs Must Learn To Be Vigilante About Cybersecurity Now That They’re Targets Too”

“The Ponemon Study: SMBs Fail Miserably at Security” shows that small and midsize organizations still don’t realize cyber threats. SMBs are failing to acknowledge the risks of cyber attacks and potential losses they face from not adopting a robust IT security posture. What’s stopping the adoption of strong and adequate security strategies? “According to Ponemon Institute, 58 percent of SMB IT decision makers do not view cyberattacks as a substantial risk to their business. 44 percent are failing to make security a priority, while 42 percent are reluctant to spend enough to ensure adequate cyber-protections, and 33 percent lack sufficiently skilled staff to handle security. Many of the SMBs surveyed report they have no one dedicated to cyber security, typically leaving the responsibility to the CIO. That attitude pervades despite the fact that IT security disruptions cost the 2,000 SMB survey respondents a combined average of $1,608,111 over the past year. Perhaps most troubling, the Risk of an Uncertain Security Strategy study found that the more senior a manager was in their SMB organization, the more likely they were to dismiss the seriousness of potential cyber threats.”

SMBs are more prone to cyberattacks because they have fewer resources to maintain their defenses compared to larger enterprises. With limited resources to deal with security, SMBs often dismiss potential threats. The best defense for SMBs is to be aware of the threats and create security policies to deal with them. So what is a solution that could help SMBs considerably reduce cyber threats? The answer is the implementation of an intrusion detection system (IDS) which is considered the first line of defense for network security. Intrusion Detection Systems are like a burglar alarms for your computer network; they detect unauthorized access attempts and suspicious behaviors.

As a company, Tactical FLEX, Inc. believes that every organization, even the smallest of businesses need high-quality and capable tools to help them protect against network and Internet threats. Aanval SMB addresses these concerns with a focused implementation of our popular Aanval SAS platform, aggressively scaled and priced efficiently. We understand that SMBs need an adequate defense without breaking the budget.

Let’s get right to the point:

*Aanval SMB is priced at an extremely affordable $795 a year and includes annual support services and full product maintenance.
*Aanval SMB includes every base feature of Aanval SAS as well as a few select SAS-only options like our powerful Situational Awareness engine, Rogue Host Detection, and the ever critical False Positive Protection module.
*Aanval SMB is designed for organizations with less than 25 network hosts.

There is no disputing the data that the number of hacking and intrusion incidents are significantly rising each year as technology progresses. SMBs need help to better understand cyber attacks and become more aware of security threats plaguing their network infrastructure. Because of the lack of knowledge about the frequency, magnitude, and the types of attacks, actionable intelligence appears to be deficient. This is a problem that must remedied by IT managers and it is recommended that organizations invest in a capable IDS that will provide situational awareness and enhance network visibility and security intelligence.

For more information about Tactical FLEX, Inc. visit the company’s website at https://www.aanval.com

About Tactical FLEX, Inc.
Tactical FLEX, Inc. is a privately owned software development firm based in Seattle, specializing in information security research, engineering, technology design, and production. With the technological development of Aanval®, Tactical FLEX, Inc. has become a global provider of information security vulnerability and risk management software solutions that protect businesses of all sizes. Aanval® is the industry’s leading Snort, Suricata, and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console on the market. Aanval® currently has over 6,000 customers worldwide including government security, defense organizations, technology corporations, financial services organizations, energy companies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, biotechnology manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, utility providers, and many others. Learn more about Aanval® by visiting https://www.aanval.com. Aanval® may be downloaded for testing and evaluation at https://www.aanval.com/download.